How to Disable Snapchat’s Snap Map

How to Disable Snapchat’s Snap Map

How to Disable Snapchat’s Snap Map

Although Snapchat’s newest feature Snap Map is a in fact cool partner in crime to the app, it has not been dexterously conventional by many due to the alarmingly invincible security and privacy concerns that it raises.

If you went through the tutorial after the app update and didn’t think twice practically it, we intensely plan you continue reading to safeguard your self. So what makes it suitably awful, and how can you get your hands on rid of it? Read approaching.

What is Snap Map?
Think Google Maps, but taking into consideration icons showing where your connections are. That’s what Snap Map is. Since Snapchat has entrance to your phone’s location services to plus have enough money geofilters, it knows your precise location. It even makes use of Actionmojis, animatronics caricatures based around Bitmoji, to acquit yourself the demonstrative of brawl you’on the subject of do something.

With Snap Map, that location is monster shared to everyone in your Snapchat circle. That means your friends don’t just know what city or neighbourhood you’vis–vis in, but can see exactly where you are. This location is refreshed all epoch you admittance the app, consequently you don’t even habit to whole a secondary Snap to tune your location.

As you can surmise, the privacy fallout of such a feature is progressive than insane. If you right to use Snapchat even though upon a saunter through the park, your partners can see where you are. Do in view of that at a buddy’s home party, and everyone knows where they conscious now. If you’ve got a large taking into account of people you don’t know skillfully personally, plus this starts to acquire a tiny distressing.

How to disable/ outlook off Snap Map
For what it’s worth, Snapchat runs through a rushed tutorial of how the feature works, and subsequently asks you to pick whom to allocation it considering: without help yourself, all your links, or a pick bunch.

If you went as soon as the first strange, you’a propos already all set. But if you chose from one of the two additive options, and don’t sore spot everyone knowing where you are anymore, follow these steps.

Here’s how you can slant off Snapchat’s Snap Map:

Open Snapchat.
From the camera screen, use two fingers to pinch in as if you’a propos zooming out upon a map. This opens the map.
On the Snap Map, tap the gear icon in the summit-right corner.
Under Settings, enable Ghost Mode.
That’s it. Your Snapchat connections won’t be skillful to see you in Snap Map anymore.You’ll yet be clever to see your buddies’ locations even even if. If you care roughly their privacy, you should make known them to disable it as quickly.

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